Welcome to Mayapuri

We are sure that our visitors will leave Mayapuri with an amazing memory of their time spend at the 3D Interactive Art Museum and Wax Gallery. Visitors are encouraged to be creative with their style while interacting and posing with the painting as a memory to be remembered.

  • Wax Museum

Some wax museums have a special section dubbed the 'chamber of horrors' in which the more grisly exhibits are displayed. Some collections are more specialized, as for example collections of wax medical models once used for training medical professionals.

Many museums or displays in historical houses that are not wax museums as such use wax figures as part of their displays. The origin of wax museums goes back to the early 18th century at least, and wax funeral effigies of royalty and some other figures exhibited by their tombs had essentially been tourist attractions well before that.

  • 3D Paintings

3D Drawing take the art to a whole new level (fun definitely intended). 3D drawings that appear to jump right off and this is done through a combination of shading techniques borrowed from airbrushing, flawless perspective, and a few insider techniques.

The paintings at Vismaya are depth-defying illustrations that appear real. These paintings have been hand picked for their wholesome look so that visitors can take pictures by posing in- front of it and the pic would actually look real. The response received to the wax museum since its opening in last week of December 2005 is tremendous.

  • 9D Theatre

Not just special effects, the hydraulic seats also move in six directions making an adventure film almost real as one is thrown sideways or falls forward in the show.The viewers can feel everything that happens on the screen and they end up feeling that they are part of the film.

9D dynamic theater, is an analog three-dimensional virtual space by the environment surrounding the film and composed together to create a new audio-visual system, which is a new product on the basis of 3D stereoscopic video movies plus environmental effects and composition through to the audience in the movie.

  • VR Adventure

VR Adventures is a cutting edge and never-before-seen immersive experience that plunges guests into a three-dimensional virtual world. Guests will put on goggles that the big players in the industry spent billions of dollars on and be transported to a virtual reality. Unlike other video games, VR Adventures requires gamers to use hand movement, walk, sidestep or jump to explore or fly through the virtual world. Honestly...the experience redefines magical!

Three adventures - South India Cave Coaster, South India Polar Express, South India Underworld

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    Bay Waatch offers matchless excitement and promises a wholesome fun time with water slides, simulated Rain Dances, Wave Pools, The mildness of sunrays, the rumbling fountains and lush green landscapes.


    Monday - Friday
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